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Our Message,

As co-laborers in Christ, we seek to support your family by providing a Christ-centered, Biblical school atmosphere where your child will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as an integral part of his/her academic growth. We will strive to serve our Lord by providing you with the highest quality - spiritual growth, academic programs, and school climate. All to the glory of God!


We require our students to be exemplary living witnesses to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our school rule is based on the Biblical commandments to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. This commandment will provide the training framework in which our students may grow up in Christ who is our head. Our student's living witness will also reflect his/her personal commitment to academic excellence as he/she reaches his/her full potential in his/her studies. Our staff will, with God's help, provide the absolute best in teaching strategies and planning for your child's success in his/her academic career.


God's grace and peace be with you as you seek God's will for your children. Thank you for choosing Living Waters Christian School.

Our Philosophy

We believe that education should focus on the process of becoming more Christ-like and developing all the potential God has placed within us. It is also the task of Christian Education to train God's people for the future.

Our Mission Statement

Living Waters Christian School exists to provide a well from which to draw spiritually and academically for the growth of our children and the future of our community.

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